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Counter Point update by Captain86
Counter Point update
Counter Point is a villainous young teen and son of a insane scientist.  Convinced the human
race would one day destroy itself.  An unknown geneticist cloned his himself and his unwilling family, in the early 80's.  Subjecting the clones to alien technology based on survival and adaptation.  All the clones terminated after a year, but one.  The scientist's
older boy.  After twelve years of life, it appeared the boy stopped ageing.  Considering it a
success, the scientist killed his family, to devote all his time with his creation.  The clone
was engineered to combat and defeat any threat mentally perceived, be it environmental,
viral, or an opponent.  Counter Point, as he's called, learned what happened to his "family"
and killed is father.  Completely immature, Counter Point uses his power to combat the
world's superhero community.  He has no value of life, and only lives for enjoyment.
Counter Power will acquire the power and/or ability of a super powered opponent in order
to survive the threat. Counter Point is a member of the terrorist group, The C.L.A.S.H.
09tuf's Red Ray vs The Slobber Parasite by Captain86
09tuf's Red Ray vs The Slobber Parasite
These characters belong to my friend 09tuf.  They are RED RAY and the SLOBBER PARASITE.
He allowed me to draw them, and I had a ball doing them.  Any information you want
on them or his work, go to his page  Red Ray and Slobber Parasite by
09tuf's Red Ray vs Pererted by Captain86
09tuf's Red Ray vs Pererted
This is my friend's OC, RED RAY and his character called the PERVERT.  He allowed me
to draw both and another (different pic).  As always it was very fun to do.  Any and all
info about these two or other 09tuf OC's, just check out his page  Red Ray and Pervert by
My Dear Friends, and Colleagues,
With an extremely heavy heart, I have sad news to relay to those who knew a
truly great individual.  Most of you were privileged to know my Brother Jean
as 58Bluemarbles when he had an account here on dA.
                                                          Tower of Babel (early work) by 58bluemarbles
            Dancing little faeries by 58bluemarbles
I'm sorry to say we all lost my Dear Brother, Jean Saturday, March 7 to injuries
sustained from an auto accident earlier in the week.  Jean was an extraordinary
soul who always placed others before himself.  He was, without doubt, the kindest,
gentlest, and compassionate man I have ever had the honor of knowing.

Jean was and artist of unique talent and vision.  It was his amazing talents that
amazed me while he was on  His love of thrillers allowed him to
create many astounding images in the realm of his favored author, Stephen King.
In fact he was a member and artist of the King Fan Club.
  Tine by 58bluemarbles  My Brother was a real family man, and humanitarian.
He loved the center of his world, his Wife, Martine, and his children; Timothy, his
Son, Debbs, his adopted daughter and Dimitri, the Son he was in the process of
adopting.  Jean was an abet animal lover.  All of nature was his friend, he volunteered at his local animal shelter for many years and cared for numerous animals on his property.  Jean loved everything that lived and breathed on this Earth.

My friend and Brother was the closest thing to a living Saint that I have ever encountered in my fifty one years.  He was always there for anyone who needed
help or advice, even many of us on this site.  He has saved more than a few lives just while on dA.  He was an amazing man, and I will miss him for the rest of my
life.  My ideas of caring and humanity have been redefined by the sincerity of his
soul.  We have lost a true hero in 58Bluemarbles, Jean.  A soul who blessed us all
with his presence, and a light who brighten the whole world.  Thank you Jean, we
all love you.
         Jean by Captain86


Captain86's Profile Picture
Tony Smith
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Born Philadelphia, PA
Specialize in Graphic Illustration & Cartooning

As of this writing, I've been a 'Deviant' for almost six months.
I've toured the site and encountered some incredible pieces of
art, and some equally incredible artist. As I close on the 50 year old mark, I've never really had much use for the computer
outside of my art and finding information. I never had a 'myspace', never got into i.m.'s, or twitter. I have a 'facebook'
account, but it was for displaying my art work, and since discovering dA, I haven't had a need to go back. As far as networking on a site goes, I feel at home here. Some of the art
and their artist have inspired me to draw in ways I haven't felt
inspired since my 20's. To those I consider friends on dA. I'd
like to thank. The rest, I'd like to get to know. That said, I think
its time for me to let you know who I am.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I'm
considered the last of the so-called "Baby Boomers" having been born in 1964. The 1960's were a rough year for my country, if not for the world, but, for me, its just history. I have
no memory of it out side of the 1969 moon launch. My earliest
memories are of the 70's. The close, the music, and the television, the instrument that first inspired me to art! For some
reason, the old WWII movies my Aunt watched drove me to draw planes, tanks, and ships. After that, it was shows like
Voyage the the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, and my all time favorite Star Trek. Later it was the 'kid' shows I watched
after Catholic school, Johnny Sucko... The Space Giants, Ultra Man, and Captain Scarlet. After TV, this was the biggest influence on my art 'til this day...comic books and comic cartoons. The DC comic Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes was the comic that did it for me. Superman, Batman and the like were cool, but the Legion had it all. Teen aged heroes set in the far pencil was on fire.

To this day, I'm still influenced by comics, and more so the
comic artist that show their works off to the cyber world. All I've
seen are good, many I think are great, and a few have made my mouth drop! Since logging on for the first time, I've drawn
more independent pieces in these few months than I have since in school. That's because of my latest spark of inspiration,
the artist and people here on Deviant Art. I'll continue to strive for the perfection of my work, and lend a hand to those who
my need it. After all, we may have started the art thing for different season... but the art thing is what makes us who we
are. Keep the ink flowing gang!

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